• Engineering in BTIRT
Department of Electronics & Communications Engineering Available seat : 60
Besides giving a thorough grounding in basic sciences and engineering subjects, the curriculum in electronics and communication engineering lays greater emphasis on deep understanding of fundamental principles and state of the art knowledge of electronic devices & circuits, computer architecture & microprocessors, VLSI & embedded systems, electromagnetic field theory, analog and digital communication, digital signal processing, microwave & broadband communications. The demand for EC engineers, therefore, remains at the top of the table. Electronics & Communication engineers are required everywhere; in multibillion communication network, electronics industries, computer hardware/software sector, aviation & space technology, heavy industries etc ...
Department of Mechanical Engineering Available seat : 60
In addition to the basic and engineering sciences like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Graphics, Electrotechniques, Thermodynamics, Mechanics of Solids, the program in Mechanical Engineering lays emphasis on the analysis and synthesis involved in the design, manufacture and operation of prime movers, pumps, compressors, machine tools, mass production techniques etc. Some amount of specialisation is possible in the Final Year of the B.E. (Mechanical) in Thermal, Design and Production Engineering.....
Department of Civil Engineering Available seat : 120
Besides the basic and engineering sciences, the curriculum in Civil Engineering covers various professional subjects e.g. Structures, foundation, construction, works management and cost transportation engineering, irrigation engineering, hydraulics, environmental engineering & earthquake technology etc. Civil Engineering aims at improving to civic life of man by harmonising the natural resources available on earth. Civil engineering deals with the construction, geotechnique, transportation & traffic water supply & sanitation, surveying and mapping and water resources......
Department of Computer Science Engineering Available seat : 60
Computer systems are undergoing revolution. The amount of growth that has occurred in computer technology in the past half century is in real sense staggering and totally unprecedented in other industries. In this high-tech era, computer technology is encapsulating all spheres of human needs and aspirations. It has metamorphosed not only the data processing and storage, but also the quality or life, manufacturing, designing communication and transportation. The main frames of 60's and 70's have been replaced by personal computers, which now has become a household commodity. High-tech workstations, RISC based machines, high-tech soft wares now form the essential components of Institutes/research labs...

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